ei shock

Technology: e:i shock

Your suspension is no longer a headache as in the past, critics of full-suspension bikes have virtually disappeared. When used for cross country, epic mountain descents, or Enduro, full-suspension bikes bring you unsurpassed control and maneuverability. The only problem is that, whether you are negotiating technical trails, climbing a rocky single track or racing through the forest, you need to manually adjust how your rear shock responds according to the terrain. Undeniably, it remains difficult for the rider to anticipate which shock position is best for the moment. But now with e:i technology that problem is in the past leaving you to concentrate on direction, speed, effort and even nutrition. Settings of the rear shock easily become secondary or forgotten thoughts. The manully set shock either remains open, which can be detrimental to your performance, or even worse, locked, which becomes uncomfortable and may limit your bikes overall performance.

Lapierre creates the first intelligent suspension

A Lapierre MTB equipped with e:i Shock technology, means your rear shock is always in the right position and always functioning optimally. No more compromise!

Maximum reactivity:

The entire process takes 0.1 seconds between the sensors registering bump movement and cadence, to adjustment of the rear shock (distance between the front and rear wheel, travelling at 22 mph). Result: the position of your suspension system changes between 20 and 30 times per minute, much more than a rider could do manually.

Thanks to this you can focus on your riding and your bike performs optimally!

A multi-function platform:

The e:i Shock display has the same functions as a bike computer (speed, chrono, distance, average speed, current speed…) and shows your cadence, the battery reserve (full charge: 25 hours) as well as the current position of the shock and the mode in use. The e:i Shock system only weighs 350 gr.

How does it work?

e:i Shock is composed of a displayunit, a battery and 3 sensors :

  • 1 accelerometer on the fork
  • 1 accelerometer on the stem
  • 1 cadence sensor in crank axle

The e:i shock has 4 modes when active:

  • Pedaling + no hits = blocked (locked)
  • Pedaling + light hits = platform (medium)
  • Pedaling + big hits = open (open)
  • No pedaling = open

This unique technological innovation gives your MTB intelligence: the ability to analyze the terrain and to instantly adapt the shock settings.